Tää postaus tulee olemaan vain englanniksi. :)

Back in Israel my mother in law asked, if I could make a birthday cake for my husbans cousin.
Suuuuuure, but wait, no I can't!
Kosher cake sounded a bit too difficult for me, who always uses milk products in cakes.
So, I didn't make the cake. Mother in law made it.
I made the decorations and stuff.

And that was interesting!
Sugarpaste that I used, wasn't anything like here in Finland.
It was very difficult to handle, not only because it was so weird, but the heat!
But I made it!
And Sivan, The Birthday Boy, liked it. Nothing else matters. :)

And because we were in Israel, I made the ball out of white and blue, like Israels flag.
Sivans favorite team is Maccabi Haifa, and the team colour is white and green.
Sivan turned 7 years old! A big boy he is! Last time I saw him, he was only 4.
Probaply the cutest boy ever! <3

It says SIVAN in here, in hebrew letters. :)